Wireless Ultrasonic Wash
Wireless Ultrasonic Wash
Wireless Ultrasonic Wash
Wireless Ultrasonic Wash
Wireless Ultrasonic Wash Wireless Ultrasonic Wash Wireless Ultrasonic Wash Wireless Ultrasonic Wash

Wireless Ultrasonic Wash

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An ultrasonic cleaner that's gentle with your glasses, but powerful against dirt and grime.

Reveal and remove years of hidden dirt and germs!

What's Hiding On Your Glasses?

In a 2020 study, researchers found that 95% of glasses tested were contaminated with  high levels of bacteria.  
This Included Dangerous bacteria that can cause infections such as conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), Keratitis and also Acne!
It's tempting to use your breath and then wipe your glasses, but this could end up infecting your glasses even more!

The Power Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

At the touch of a button, the Wireless Ultrasonic Wash produces millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles (process called cavitation) that penetrate deep into the gaps & crevices of your glasses. 
These bubbles implode with such force that dirt, grease and grime are literally blasted out of the hinges and frames.
If water can reach it, the Ultrasonic Wash can clean it!


More Than A Glasses Cleaner

Eye Wear: glasses & sunglasses, contact lens containers
Jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. 
Personal Items: razors, nail clippers, tweezers, hair combs, toothbrushes, makeup brushes etc.
and Much More: keys, key chains, coins, cutlery, filters, fishing reels, baby pacifiers, circuit boards, fountain pens, gun parts etc.

Technical Specs

Ultrasonic Frequency: 45,000 Hz
Power Supply: Battery
Capacity: 9 oz (240 ml)
Weight: 0.7 lbs (345 g)
Material: ABS & 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel


Why use the Ultrasonic Wash?

Precise and Effective: millions of microscopic bubbles will get in and scrub even the smallest crevices delivering a consistent clean
Stable Frequency: Other ultrasonic baths have unstable frequencies that fall below 30,000 Hz, which can lead to mechanical strain and damage to glasses. 
Safe: no harsh chemicals needed
No abrasion damage: powerful enough to remove stubborn grime but gentle enough to not cause any damage.

How do I use my Ultrasonic Wash?

1. Add water to the container
2. Apply some liquid soap to your jewelry (for a deeper clean)
3. Turn it on and place your jewelry in
4. After 3 mins, the cycle will complete and it will automatically power down
5. Take your items out and dry off 😊

Will the Ultrasonic Wash damage my items?

No, the Ultrasonic Wash uses pressure fluctuations to effectively clean even the smallest items without damaging them (Please ensure your items are waterproof and do not contain absorbent or loose materials)

Will it fit my sunglasses?

Yes, glasses and sunglasses will fit comfortably inside. 👓 🕶️

Shipping & Returns

Our average shipping time is 5-12 business days ( FREE shipping! ). 
We also offer 30 day returns and cover any defects or damaged items.