Carrot Farm Toy Mat

Carrot Farm Toy Mat

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 Does Your Dog Have TOO Much Energy?!



Hide Treats In The "Soil" & Get Your Dog's Energy Out In 15 Minutes

🧼 The soil is removable and machine washable

✔️ Tire out high energy dogs indoor

✔️ Easy way to keep dogs mentally stimulated

✔️ For small & big dogs (from a Yorkie to a Labrador to a Great Dane)

✔️ Hours & hours of fun


Tire out high-energy dogs indoor quickly


Struggle controlling your dog's energy? High-energy dogs can be easily worn out by sniffing and mental stimulation.

Hide treats in the soil, and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.




Effortlessly keep dogs active physically & mentally

Physical and mental activity are extremely important for dogs. This CoziCabana Carrot Farm does just that.

It's time to let your dog use their natural desire to hunt as they search and hunt, hide and seek. 


The distractions instantly reduce separation anxiety

Young pets suffer from separation anxiety, so this is a perfect way to keep them calm. Here's one of the many reviews from our happy customers:

"My dog had severe separation anxiety. We hid the treats in the soil and he happily snuffled away as we left. He almost looks forward to us leaving now!" - Katarina



No more bored dogs with behavioral issues

There has been research showing that less play time leads to behavioral issues including anxiety and aggression.

Playing is the key to a dog's happiness. Designed to put dogs' nose and brain to work! Just hours and hours of fun for them, and less stress for you! 



Styling category: fruit
Fruit category: carrots
Filling material: PP cotton
Plush classification: short plush
Height: 35 * 35 cm

The thickness is about 8 cm

310 x 190 x 130 mm